SID Visual Statistics

In addition to the statistics panel that displays a team or player's various game statistics, the Sports Information Desk includes a dynamic visual representation of these values over a series of games. This feature helps a coach or athlete easily understand performance trends.

The statistic chart displays any of the possible 20 statistics available in a sport package. To display a statistic's values in the chart, you move your mouse cursor into the statistic panel and click on the label associated with the statistic value you want displayed in the chart. If no label exists, you can double-click the statistic value.

The statistics chart with the "Total Attacks" volleyball statistic selected.

Looking at the chart above, the "Total Attacks" statistic for a Volleyball season are displayed.

Each of the points on the chart represents a game (the game's date is shown on the X axis. The current game point is colored blue while other game points are red. You can click on any point to move the schedule (and statistics) to that game.

The green line displays the moving season average for highlighted statistic. Its values are the same as those that appear in the statistics panel when you click the "Avg" button.

If the Auto checkbox is checked, the chart's values automatically update whenever a statistic value is changed. This can slow down the data entry process when adding a player's game statistics, so you may wnat to uncheck this box when adding a player's statistics. When the Auto checkbox is unchecked, click on the Update button to manually update the chart.

You can print out the chart by clicking the Print button. Your printer's default settings are used.