Season Technology™

Our Sports Information Desk software uses the concept of a "Season" to organize and store your pictures, statistics and other team, player and game data.

Using our Season Technology™, you can create a Season for any team and player in any sport. 

When you open a Season, a statistics "sport package" designed specifically for the Season's sport and the profiled player's position is loaded. Each player can have up to three packages assigned with one active at any point.

This approach enables SID to support Basketball, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Wrestling, Gymnastics and virtually every other sport!

Everyone in the family can use the software by simply creating their own Season.

Season Technology adds value by enabling you to reuse SID for each sport and season, avoiding the cost of buying additional software or having to learn how to use multiple software programs.