Sports Information Desk - Personal Edition

The SID Personal Edition is our professional, personal sports software product designed to collect, manage and report information for an individual player.

Whether you're:

  • an athlete preparing for college scholarship opportunities,

  • a serious player looking to improve your game, or

  • a sports parent who wants to capture your family's sports experiences and create the ultimate sports keepsake,

    Sports Information Desk monitor screenshot

SID Personal Edition is the perfect personal sports software tool to build a personal portfolio of your sports accomplishments!

Targeted towards athletes and their parents, the Personal Edition is similar to its big brother, but does not include team-oriented features and can only profile a single player within a Season.

The Sports Information Desk is designed to operate on the Microsoft Windows® operating system and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

The sections below will help you learn more about the Sports Information Desk - Personal Edition's capabilities. When you're ready, download the software.

Data organized by Season

The SID Personal Edition uses the concept of a "Season" to organize and store team, player and game information.

Using our Season technology™, you can create a Season for any team or player in any sport. When you open a Season, a statistics "sport package" designed specifically for your Season's sport is loaded. The software also accesses the Season's internal database and any associated external documents to present you with all of the information relevant to the current Season.

This approach to managing sports information enables SID to support virtually every sport, eliminating the need to buy or learn multiple software applications!  There is no need to purchase "hockey software", "soccer software", "football software", etc.

Since we usually associate sports information and our memories of sporting events with a team or player's sport season, this approach is the natural way to organize team, player and game information.

Sports Information Desk menuOur Season-based design also make it easy for you to quickly access your sports information. Seasons are opened in the same way you would open a word processing document, spreadsheet or picture file.  For a large organization, this approach eliminates time consuming searches through file cabinets or hundreds of folders on your PC to locate the player, team or game information you need.

Centralized, quick access to ALL of your personal sports information

You can think of SID as your sports information control panel. SID lets you manage all of this season information (i.e., player and game information) from a single source and does so for all of your sports.

It provides almost instant access to both the information that you create within SID and the documents that you produce using your existing software tools. While schedules, rosters, and player bios are maintained within SID, you can also have direct access to documents (e.g. Word, PDF files) that you create using other software.

You can even capture, store and display Internet news articles and pictures using the built-in external documents organizer.

To help you get a better feel for how this works, take a quick look at this screenshot of SID's main user interface.

Integrated player statistics and visual chart

The Sports Information Desk - Personal Edition includes an integrated statistic system to track a player's game statistics.

Sports Information Desk visual statistics screenshotSuitable for both high school and youth sport teams, this feature displays player statistics, calculating average and cumulative totals on the fly. A season summary report is available along with a a chart that dynamically displays statistics to better visualize performance trends. A standard library of sport packages is included and you can create/modify a sport package to meet your own needs. In total, this feature lets you easily track and analyze your personal performance to help you better understand and improve your game.

Create a player portfolio and prepare for a college scholarship

The SID Personal Edition is a great tool to create a portfolio of a player's sports accomplishments. When the time comes, you can easily leverage this information to help you either obtain a college scholarship or get accepted to the college of your choice.

Sports Information Desk reportsA "college prospect" player profile form is included that organizes and presents your Season information and accomplishments within a single page, professionally formatted document. In addition to printing your college prospect player profile, you can also generate an email message that automatically attaches a JPEG version of the profile. This feature allows you to easily distribute your player profile to numerous coaches or athletic departments and more effectively canvas scholarship opportunities.

A variety of information is included in your college prospect player profile. The profile includes sections for:

  • Contact information

  • Physical description

  • Sports information and key average statistics

  • Academic performance and school information

  • Player and coach comments

  • Gallery of action photos and a main photo

Sharing Season data with friends and family

In addition to providing you with quick centralized access to your personal sports information, the Sports Information Desk can also help you share your information with others. You can directly email reports and pictures, and even send your Seasons to others who use Avaplay's sports software products.