SID is for Athletes!

The Sports Information Desk - Personal Edition includes features that help you capture your sports experience and help maximize your performance.

SID Personal Edition's features include:

  • Schedule/Calendar: Build your season's game schedule including game dates, location, and results.

  • Game Notebook: Create a multimedia record of your season, game by game. Collect pictures, video, and news clippings. Add voiceovers to your scrapbook items. Create a personal diary of game notes to document your performance and your opponent's strengths/weaknesses.

  • Visual statistics: Maintain game statistics for your season's sport. SID also includes a visual statistic chart that can instantly display any of your statistics in a graph format. This is an excellent tool to observe trends in your performance over multiple games.

  • Reports: View and print game summaries, statistics reports, player profile, and your season schedule/calendar.

  • Collect Internet articles: With SID's external document support you can easily collect and display news articles about yourself and your team.

  • Team roster support: You can create rosters for your team and your opponents, including their picture and personal information.

  • Multiple sport package support per player: SID enables you to dynamically load and display up to 3 different sport packages. If you play multiple positions in your sport season and need to track a number of statistics in different categories, this feature will meet this need.

  • Additional Player Profile: You can create a fun "About" player profile for yourself that lets others know more about your favorite things in life.

  • PDF report output: In addition to printing and emailing document images, you can also create Adobe PDF files for most reports and documents.