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Learn How to Play

Enjoying sports and having success starts with skill fundamentals. Our How to Rock Sports series of Android apps are a fun introduction to the essential skills needed to play sports.

Using animated cartoon characters and audio instruction, each part of a sports skill is presented in a way that will appeal to young beginners. These apps will also help parents who want to teach sports to their child.

Start out with our free Let's Play Ball app and then progress to apps that provide more detail on how to perform specific skills. Our Throw a Baseball and Catch a Baseball apps provide instruction on each part of these skills. (Shoot a Basketball and Throw a Football are in the works, with more to follow).

Improve Your Game

Are you an athlete looking to discover how to improve your game? Are you a parent or coach who wants to create the best sports experience for your kids?

Our books, The Young Athlete's Guide to Playing Sports and The Joy of Youth Sports are an excellent resource to discover how to play, coach, and enjoy sports.

Endorsed by leaders in the sports community, these two books provide athletes, parents, and coaches with the keys to successful sports play. Besides learning how to better compete and win, these books provide a balanced, healthy approach to playing sports.

"...Jeff fully understands the benefits of youth sports done the right way."

--Mark H. Murphy, President & CEO, GREEN BAY PACKERS

"...captures the essential balance of fun and learning for all."

--Dave Littlefield, GM 2001-2007, PITTSBURGH PIRATES

Manage Your Sports Information

Maximize your game. Enjoy the play. Capture the experience. That's what Avaplay's desktop sports software is all about. Whether you're an athlete, parent, or coach, our software helps you get the most out of your sport.

Our sports software is designed to operate on the Microsoft Windows® operating system and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

We currently offer the following products free for personal use:

SID Personal Edition is the best personal sports software available for an athlete or their parent to collect and manage their personal sports information. Link to the SID Personal Edition overviewYou can collect and organize pictures, video clips, game notes and statistics associated with a sport season.

The SID Personal Edition uses the concept of a "Season" to organize and store team, player and game information. Using our Season technology™, you can create a Season for any team or player in any sport.

Tell the story of your sport season now–download the SID Personal Edition! It's free for personal use.

SportsCard is a simple software application to create, print and email your own personal sports trading card. SportsCard is fun and free for personal use!