The Joy of Youth Sports: Creating the Best Youth Sports Experience for Your Child

"The Joy of Youth Sports is a must read for parents of children involved in team sports... Great Book."

Our book, The Joy of Youth Sports, is now available from Amazon for $8.95. To view the Amazon product page go to The Joy of Youth Sports. (A Kindle eBook version is also available for $2.99.)

For the parent who is looking to discover how his or her child can enjoy success in sports, The Joy of Youth Sports is your essential guide! This book describes five steps to a great youth sports experience–the one that not only maximizes athletic abilities, but also helps a child develop life skills and a joyful appreciation for playing sports.

Whether you're a parent, coach, or both, this book will also help you understand the role you play in creating a successful, rewarding youth sports experience. You will find out the best ways to support your child, behavioral traps to avoid, and how to evaluate a coach to determine if he or she is the right one for your child.

JOYS adopted by Wingate University's School of Sport Sciences

Wingate University's School of Sport Sciences adopted The Joy of Youth Sports for use in its SMGT 306 "Sport for Children and Youth" class for the spring 2011 semester.

JOYS adopted as supplemental reading for several Canisus College 2011/12 Physical Education courses

The Joy of Youth Sports was selected as supplemental reading for two undergraduate courses: PED 361 Coaching Theory and Technique, HED 461 Psychology of Sport and Mental Health. JOYS was also recommended reading for the following graduate courses: PEG 640 Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, PEG 645 Sport Psychology Interventions, and PEG 651 Coaching Techniques.

The Joy of Youth Sports helps create great sports parents!

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Here's the book's back cover:
 The Joy of Youth Sports back cover